Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I seem to be on a lucky streak, and if you know me well, you know this doesn't happen very often.

Yesterday, I went to an appreciation night hosted by a friend Jen, who sells Pampered Chef.  A few times a year, she invites a bunch of friends who have helped boost her sales by going to parties or having parties.  She always does a draw for prizes, and last night I cleaned house.  I don't usually win draws but last night I won three of the seven prizes.  At first, after I won the reusable bags and the bamboo serving spoons, I was a little disappointed.  The bags and spoons were nice, but they were the smaller of the prizes.  I figured that was it for me, and was a little sad that I wouldn't win the bigger prizes.  (I'm greedy that way.)  Then, imagine my surprise when my name was drawn for the grand prize, a stoneware deep dish pie pan.

There was a moment of guilt.  After all, there were a number of ladies in the room who hadn't won any prizes, and I'd won three - including the big one.  I started to suggest that I not take the bags or spoons (No way in heck was I giving up the stoneware) but then Jen told all the others that I'd donated the profits from the show I did in May, and they all agreed that I should keep the prizes.  So, I did.  Twist my rubber arm.

Himself will show you:
No worries, I'll be washing that pan before use.

My luck didn't end there, though.  Today, I went out at lunch in search of a new winter coat.  My winter coat has been very well used, and is starting to look it's age.  I figured I'd start looking around now in the hopes that I'd find something I like (and can afford) before the snow flies.

I didn't find a winter coat, but I did find an incredible sale.  I got a lightly lined Jones New York trench coat - regular $200 - for $26.  BOO-YAH!
It's pretty plain, but I can jazz it up with a scarf and accessories.  And, compared to my current coat, subdued might be a nice change.

Then came the best score, in my opinion.  I stopped off at my parents' place after work, and was telling them about my great find.  When my dad heard that I was looking for a winter coat, he dug deep in the back closet, pulled out a leather bomber coat and offered it to me.   It was my Granddad's coat, before he died.  My dad inherited it, but had never really worn it so he gave it to me.  It's too big, but I'll wear it with pride.  

(I'm 5'11", so a men's coat isn't as huge on me as it would be for most women.)

After that, I came home and went outside.  I felt a breeze as I was bending over, and realized that I'd ripped the seat of my pants.  My luck had run out.


  1. Congrats on all the prizes, but especially on your grandpa's coat. That's a really special score.

  2. Hey, I didn't realize you were a fellow member of the Tall Girls Club!!

  3. Ripped pants, very funny but glad it was at home.

  4. Oh YEAH! The leather bomber!! And even better because it's your Granddad's bomber. I was feeling pretty lucky in the clothing part of my life too yesterday. I hunted, found, grabbed and hugged a new pair of Levi 515's that fit just right. Found a pair of 505's too! I love my jeans. Smiled all night over those jeans and still smiling this morning. My 5 year old 515's failed me when I tried them on because I been sitting on my fanny all summer. The button and button hole wouldn't meet.

  5. Grandpa's jacket - what a gift! And the fact that you can wear it without getting lost in it, better yet. Enjoy your treasure(s).

  6. Love this post!!! congratulations on your winning streak...I would have soooooo kept the stoneware too; glad the ladies twisted your arm to keep all the loot.

    The bomber jacket is awesome. I have an old one that I purchased in a menswear shop that I refuse to part with...