Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cranky Questions

  • When you call customer service at big companies and their automated systems require that you enter your phone/account number, why do the operators always start the conversation by asking you your phone/account number?
  • If I can pick the exact colour for the look I'm thinking of 90% of the time, why does it always take me three or four cans of paint before I figure out how to fix it when I don't get the colour right the first time?
  • Why did the RCMP close the highway today, all the way from the west side of town to the east side of town, causing everybody to detour over 45 minutes out of their way, just to avoid an accident that happened 10 blocks from the highway on the east side of town?  
  • Why do the dogs wait until I'm in the most crankiest of moods, and walking in front of a couple of  seriously hot guys, before they bust out with the worst of their horrible behaviour?


  1. I especially love the companies who want you to speak the account number. Apparently, I speak no recognized language.
    "We're sorry...." GAH!

    It must be cranky season.

  2. those cute fuzzy friends display bad behavior?? I refuse to believe it ;-)

  3. Thank Heaven ... I thought "cranky season" was just me! Thank you Samantha!

    Called Citicard yesterday and was connected to the brightest individual in all of India. First sentence, "May I have your name & account number?" Two sentences later, "If you'll give me your name & account number ...". My response: "Oh, it hasn't changed since you asked me 2 minutes ago". When he asked for my social security number and told me he couldn't help me if I wouldn't give it to him, I decided I didn't need his help. Refer to 'cranky season'.

  4. My dogs do that, too. Oh, and they totally stop coughing once we're at the vet. The vet that I had to plead and cajole that my dogs were really sick enough to have to be squeezed in TODAY.