Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tallulah Tales

  • Tallulah is a reincarnation of the princess from the Princess & the Pea.  She sleeps on the furniture, but prefers to have additional pillows on top of the furniture - the softer the better.  There was a pillow under the covers this morning, so she made herself fit.  I'm not sure how she thought that was more comfortable.

  • Not sure why I'm posting this picture, other than it cracks me up.  Pour José.
  • In other news, I broke the cardinal rule today and gave Tallulah a bite of pizza crust when nobody was looking.  I suspect I'll never have pizza in peace again.
  • I could get in trouble for saying this - no doubt Tallulah will deny it - but, well, I'll let the electronics say it for me.  

Say it isn't so.

There's a reason why she doesn't get people food.