Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foot Fettish

Foot size before I had stress fractures in both feet 7 years ago - 8 1/2 narrow
Foot size for 5 years following stress fractures - 9 medium
Foot size for ~ 6 months until health issues cause foot swelling - 8 1/2 - 9 medium
Foot size during edema issues - Shoes didn't fit, period.  On a good day, I could wear 9 1/2 wide slippers.

Guess who bought size 8 narrow shoes today!

Yeah, I know: this style must fit large, but I want to celebrate the 8 anyway.  I thought about buying sandals, but I was so happy that my feet fit comfortably into these structured shoes, I had to bring them home.

Sorry. I'll stop talking about my feet now.

Until I buy some more shoes.


  1. Well, it's in the 40's here but has been anywhere from 60 to 90 the last couple of weeks. I had decided I'm wearing flip flops today regardless of the temps. Yep my toes have been cold when we have been out! lol

  2. Another hurdle jumped, shrinking is almost always a good thing.

  3. Rock on with your small feet! ;)

    That is fantastic news..and I love the shoes.