Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flu bugs, spring blooms and lies of omissions

The first blooms of the spring popped up this weekend.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them until now, because I was busy dying of the flu.  I'm feeling a lot better now - I'm pretty sure I'll live, if I don't speak or breath - but man, was it a crappy weekend.

Anyway, back to the blooms.  Not the best pictures, because I held the camera at flower level instead of getting down there myself.  These are what you might call blind shots.

The red ones showed up first, with the lambs ears:

Then the multicoloured ones showed up.

The camera seems to prefer the Toad Abode over the tulips.

And now, the lies of omission.  Before I went in for my recent surgery, I was given a lot of advice and/or  warnings.  Some was true.  Some was unnecessarily harsh.  ".... is going to be incredibly painful". "You've never felt pain like the pain you'll feel when..."  Most, while I'm sure came with good intensions, did more harm than good because it made me dread the things I'd have to do anyway.  Even worse - a lot of it wasn't true for me.   You know what I wasn't told?  I wasn't told that my stomach would stick out like I'm 6 months pregnant for so long.  Sure, I did read that "there may be some swelling in the tummy" but not this much for this long.   I'm actually really lucky that I lost as much fluid as I did after the surgery, because if I hadn't, I suspect that  I'd be walking around in maternity pants... kind of ironic, considering the surgery that I had.

So, today I took the bull by the horns and brought a stability ball in to replace my desk chair.  I sat on that thing for three hours before giving up and going back to my usual chair.  I wasn't sure why I was feeling so shaky (I was sitting the whole time, after all) so I looked it up online.  Apparently, you're supposed to start using stability for a half hour at a time and work up from there.  Oops.


  1. Several women I know made that same statement..no one told them how bad the swelling would be. I think that's pretty rotten of medical professionals!
    Sorry your weekend sucked and hope you're on the mend.

  2. The flu sucks, fake pregnant belly sucks, and three hours on a stability ball sucks. But budding flowers rock@

  3. Janice sorry you had the weekend screwed up by flu. Hope you are feeling better this Thursday after the screwed up weekend with the flu. The Toad Abode is darling and the Tulips are a beautiful RED. I figured you focused on the Toad Abode and gave the tulips that out of focus soft look on purpose :)

    I had some "delicate in nature" surgery done in 2006 and my stomach was so dang bloated my belly button was AWOL.

  4. I love lambs ear but it won't grow well in our heat and no shade yard.

    Glad you're feeling better.