Saturday, May 7, 2011

More spring blooms

Just in time for mother's day, the big mass of tulips are starting to bloom.  I'm having the parents over for dinner tomorrow, so I'll go out and cut a bouquet before they get here.

I took this through the basement window, partly for Linlah and partly because it's raining outside.
That window is going to be in my master bedroom if/when I ever get around to finishing the basement, and I can't wait until I can look outside and see flowers like that.

I took this one a few days ago, just before the tulips started to bloom.
Notice the seedum (behind the juniper) is starting to bloom with white flowers too.

So's the mystery plant.


  1. Is Linlah a big basement fan?

  2. Linlah commented a few posts ago that she wants a basement window. Not a basement, just the window.

  3. linlah is not a big fan of the basement but she is a big fan of that basement shot. Thank you Ms. Fur, I'd want to look out that window from my master bedroom too but it will be kind of hard what with it being a basement and all.

  4. now that's a nice cheerful view!!

  5. Mystery plant kind of looks like speedwell bloom, but the foliage doesn't look right. You do realize I'll be searching for hours for a plant I don't even have??

  6. ROFLOL, Sam. No pressure from me. I haven't figured out yet, and it's been in my yard for three years.