Monday, May 23, 2011

Good and Bad

Bad cat

Good eggs

I buy these eggs from the lady who grooms my dogs.  She has what she calls a "Happy Hen" setup, where she keeps chickens from egg to chick to old age out on her farm.   They're kept in condo-sized coops where they have lots of room to move around, get a chance to go outside in good weather, and are fed organic produce.    They only cost about 50 cents a carton more than the factory produced egg, and I'm happy to support a small business that focuses on raising her chickens so humanely.  Even better that the eggs taste so good.

I think it's the breed of chicken that determines the colour of the shells, but I always like opening the carton to see the rainbow of colours.  
But I have to admit that it does weird me out a little to eat the blue eggs.

Good Food

The plan today was to get a bunch of yard work done, but it's been raining all day.  We really need the water (a small city north of here burned down last week), so I don't begrudge the day inside.  Having planned a busy day, however, I needed something else to do.

First I baked Banana Flax Date Bread, and then I tried making Carmelita Bars.  The Banana bread is actually a fairly healthy a favorite that I make quite often, but the Carmelita Bars are new to me.  I've never made or eaten them before... they turned out something like the crisp in fruit crisp deserts, only instead of fruit there is a mixture of caramel and chocolate.  I had intended to bring those to work, but I don't think I will.  So far, they taste OK, but they're not the solid squares that I expected.  The bite that I tried had to be removed from the pan by a spoon, which doesn't exactly make for easy sharing.
Oh well - more for me!

Bad Food

After baking some and then cleaning out the kitchen a few times, I couldn't find the energy to make a good dinner.  I was tempted to order pizza, which is something that I've been known to do every year or so, but I didn't want to spend all that  money.  Instead, I drove to a grocery store downtown that makes great take-and-bake pizzas and got one from them.  It's in the oven now.    I know from experience that it'll taste great, but it's a long ways from the healthy, fresh (local) food diet that I've been aiming towards lately.

Bad, Bad Neighbours

I like my neighbourhood.  I really do.  However, there's nothing like the first long weekend of the camping season to drive home that I live in Red Neck Central.  Case in point... the family three doors down, who bought a Semi to haul a gas-guzzling train of their obscenely massive four-wheeler dune buggy thingamajig and their full sized trailer that houses 6 people.  It's classy all the way, I tell you.... it boggles my mind that they aren't embarrassed to be seen with that thing.   Then, there's the other neighbour who has parked their truck and trailer along the side of my house (I'm on a corner).  This trailer - I kid you not - is two stories high and as long as my house is deep.  I can't do anything about the first neighbour's lack of good taste, but I'm going to give the massive structure parked beside my house another day before I call the city to complain.  If you can't fit your toys on your own property, you shouldn't be imposing them on others.  (City bylaw says you can only park on the street for one night before moving it.)

That's enough cranking... I'm going to go eat my overly processed, non-local, definitely not healthy but oh-so-good pizza.


  1. The cat is spooning the papertowels! I love it!

  2. I want to know what the hell those paper towels did to Winter to make him kill?

    Don't you LOVE ADORE WORSHIP really good farm eggs? Nothing like that deep gold yolk.

    J, do not even get me started on rednecks.
    (Remember the neighbor herding cows on our road..with his tractor?). The Deliverance Brothers are clearing property for their annual Memorial Day weekend camping bash. I've already got the state and county cops programmed into my cell.

  3. Once again I want to know why Gavin is at your house!!? I swear those cats are clones of each other! Gavin does the EXACT same thing to paper towels and toilet paper if given the chance.

  4. The kitty picture made me smile. What is it with cats?

    I haven't been round much lately, so it was
    nice to catch up with you!

    Frost in May? Snow on Halloween? No thanks!

  5. My cat is destroying paper towels, the brat. He came up onto my desk (where I had them because I'd only just finished cleaning up CAT PUKE from my keyboard), pushed the roll onto the ground and then set about attacking. Which makes me wonder, Susan - does Gavin push things on the ground all the time too? If not, do you want to trade?

    Sam, fresh eggs rock. I did, however, cook a few eggs way too long because I expected the yolks to turn light yellow as they cooked. I'm told it's the yams in their diets that make the yolks to bright.

    Good to see you Dawn. I hope you're settling in to the new place.