Friday, May 20, 2011

Randomosity - the fried brain edition

  • It's the Friday before the Victoria Long Weekend.  In Canada, this is the weekend when most people plant their gardens.  I don't, because Alberta often gets frost during the last week of May.   What this means to me is two things: 1.  Don't go to Garden Centers this weekend.  They'll be will be worse than toy stores before Christmas.   2.  Starting Tuesday, plants go on sale and I can stock up. 
  • I fought it for almost 6 years, but I finally lost the battle -  I got a blackberry for work yesterday.  I'm told this makes me 'one of the cool kids'.  In truth, I think it just publicizes  how technologically behind the rest of the world that I am.
  • I have not yet figured out how to talk on the blackberry, except by using the speakerphone.
  • It's only rained once this year since the snow melted and everything is really dry.  That said, last night I heard a gurgling noise and then a loud whoosh.  I ran outside in time to see my sump pump spit out about 10 gallons of water.  The sump pump sits about 3 feet lower than the basement, which has remained dry.  I know that's what is supposed to happen, but it made me happy nonetheless.  That large bill to have the pump installed has been justified.
  • I've been sitting on a stability ball at work for a few weeks now.  Most days, I stay on the ball all day and I think it might be working.  Yesterday morning my stomach was flatter than it was pre-surgery.  Of course, by evening it was a big ol' gut again.  (It's always worse at the end of the day)
  • Yesterday, during a conference call, something behind me caught my attention and I turned quickly.  I fell off my ball.  Happily, nobody was there to see.
  • The local grocery store has been selling field tulips for a few weeks.  For 4 dollars, you can get a very pretty bouquet that lasts a week or more.  I'm on my third bouquet now, with different colours each week.

  • I used to have funky plaid rubber boots.  Since I walk the dogs rain or shine, I figure I might as well make the best of it and wear something bright and fun that will keep me dry.  Unfortunately, my swollen feet proved to be too much, and my boots split last year.  Then I bought another less flamboyant pair of plaid boots that were three sizes too big, to accommodate the swelling.  After my surgery, I happily gave those to a large-footed friend.  The only problem was, I couldn't find any new boots.  I looked for weeks, before finding a pair.  They weren't my first choice in patterns, but they were boots at a reasonable price.  Today, I bought a raincoat that was on sale at 75% off and I now officially have my crappy weather dog walking gear.
I don't think being visible will be an issue. 

  • The local Farmer's market opens tomorrow.  One of my favorite CSA farms who will be there sent out an email that they've already got fresh asparagus, but very little supply.  What that means is that on the first day of my long weekend, I'm going to be up and off to the market by 7:00am.


  1. love the tulips and the boots cool!

    You sound a lot like me...
    Fried Brain Ladies UNITE!

  2. you seriously just reminded me to pull up my stability ball chair. I like to use it at our desk at home, but the boys hate it so they always swap it out and I forget to move it back. I've read it is a great help with posture. If it makes you feel any better, I'll probably be the last person on the planet without a smart phone, especially if the world ends tonight. then it will be true for certain.