Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Poor Dog

There were some moments of distress last week, when I needed a distraction.  I'd just gotten home from a friend's place, and it was too late to go out again.  TV wasn't keeping me occupied, and I couldn't concentrate on a book.  So, I did what no poodle owner should ever do in moments like these.

I have Tallulah a haircut.

I thought I could work around them, but now her bald spots (a result of alopecia, not caused by me) are showing.

I've got an appointment with the groomer, to get her fixed up as much as possible so that the afro can grow back.   In the meantime, I'm contemplating going out and getting myself a chia pet to avoid future situations like this.


  1. Oh you can't even see that spot! She looks as glamorous as usual!

  2. She looks fine Janice! But I know how you are feeling :) You cracked me up this morning. I have done that to my own hair. Bah. I try to stay away from scissors.

  3. I think she looks fine, but then I'm a bulldog owner, so my sense of beautiful may be skewed. ;)

    My daughter, the hairdresser, hates when I get bored because I do the same to my own hair. sigh.

  4. I can't see it so leave it and wait for the grow out, that's what I do.