Sunday, March 25, 2012

We've decided

This is where we're going:

Venice - wander, get lost on purpose, see colourful houses on the lagoon islands, see (maybe ride) gondolas, eat pasta
Bologna - food tour, market tour, cooking classes, eat pasta
Florence - see David, Gelato Crawl (GTS!),  photography/walking tour, eat pasta
Cassino - bittersweet but necessary... short stop to pay respect to an uncle who died in WWII
Amalfi Coast - boat tour, check out where the olives and lemons grow (likely gone by the time we get there), eat pizza and pasta
Istanbul - to see if you're paying attention

You may notice that we'll be pretty light on some of the typical tourist attractions on this trip.  Ginny, my aunt, and I are eerily similar and we agree that we'd rather learn about the culture and see the scenery than to stand in line.  David is the exception, because his life-long residence on Ginny's bucket list is our reason for going to Italy.  We do want to learn all about Italian food, however.  And eat a lot of it.

Edited to add:
Isobel from IsobelandCat’s blog is remembering her kitty tonight.  She is asking that we all join in and light a candle today and tonight and put it in a window to remember the pets in our own lives and to remember Cat too. She suggests we all clink a glass of something of your choice. 
So, here's to you Winston & Clementine, Millie, Mourning, Oliver, Ellie, Mystery, Asparagus (Gussie), Raisin and Lulu.  I miss you all.


  1. The Amalfi Coast! Ooolalalah!!

    Eat Pasta and photography tour. Sounds absolutley wonderous :)

    Janice could you light a candle today somewhere safe away from the Three Furry Yahoos for Pet Remembrance Day?

  2. I will do. It'll need to be up high, out of kitty reach, but I have lots of past furry friends to remember.

  3. OOOh! Italy is next on our list. We are like you, we don't usually do the touristy things but there are some that are a must. The Parthenon in Greece, for example (so crowded! but worth it). I cannot wait to hear about your trip.

    *clink* to two of my best friends, Winston & Katie