Friday, March 2, 2012

Things I Know to be True

It isn't easy to live on $200/week for food, pet stuff, fun stuff, and car stuff -  especially when you stick to it, so that when the money's gone, you don't get anymore stuff until the next week.

This week, I was surprised to learn that the cat had eaten all of his prescription diet food.   He convinced me that he couldn't survive until Monday on celery alone, so suddenly a big chunk of my $200 was gone.  

I've got 37¢ to my name (in the budget) now.

It's a sad day when your cat's grocery bill trumps your own.


  1. This is when it pays to cash in your cans and bottles.

  2. Yes, my dogs eat better than I do, most days. If times get bad, i know that we could live on their chicken jerky treats.