Wednesday, March 14, 2012


  • I found a sale on pillows last week, and stocked up for SirDigsALot.  Cotton hasn't had a pillow in his crate since he dug through  every spare pillow that I had on hand.  When I went to buy replacements, everything I found was $20 or more... even at discount stores.  I'm not paying that for a pillow that he'll dig through in a month.  He's been limited to blankets and rugs in the bottom of his crate, which means he hasn't been in the crate for over a month.  Since I found the pillows for $3 each, he's been in there almost constantly, digging away.  I think I should go buy some more pillows before the sale is over.

  • I finally found a glucosamine source for Winter that he'll take.  It's a liquid that I pour over his kibble and he really seems to like it.  After a little over a week, he's a lot less cranky and I'm hopeful that it's helping him out with the arthritis in his hips.  The only problem is that it's made of shellfish, which I'm allergic to.  For the last week, I've had a constant case of mild hives on my neck and chest.  I can't decide what's more important  - less itch for me, or less pain for him.

  • For the last week or so, Tallulah has been waking me up at night.  She's supposed to lie on her bed at night, and knows that she's not supposed to get up.  Recently, she has started to suddenly torpedo out of bed in the wee hours, and fly across the room.  I wake up and tell her to go lie down, which she does, but it takes me forever to fall back to sleep and then she does it all over again.   The truth is, I suspect that the cat has been hanging out on the other side of the barely open door, taunting Tallulah; but it doesn't matter.  Tallulah's a Standard Poodle.  She's smart enough to rise above.  Even more important, at two o'clock in the morning, I don't care who started it.  If I have to get up to finish it, somebody's gonna sleep in the basement.