Sunday, July 22, 2012

Front Porch Redo

I've wanted rocking chairs for my front porch, since the day it was built.    The problem is that I have a set of perfectly good, comfortable chairs that make it hard for me to justify buying new rocking chairs.

I might end up buying the the rockers down the road anyway, but I decided to freshen up the old chairs in the meantime with a lick of paint.

I was aiming for raspberry in colour, and forgot that everything seems three shades lighter outside.  I landed squarely on HOT PINK
but I've decided that I like it, especially behind the colourful garden.

One thing that is screamingly missing is a foot stool.  I have one that needs to be repaired and then painted tangerine orange.  I've got plans for the next couple of weeks, though, so that'll have to wait.


  1. The chairs are raspberry sorbet sweet and your garden is beautiful!

  2. Have rockers attached to your chairs