Sunday, July 1, 2012


There's a nursery in town that puts their plants on sale for the Canada Day long weekend.  If you can fit it on a tray, you can have it for $10.  Moosepants, the little V's and I headed out there first thing yesterday morning. (I mistakenly thought there would be crazy crowds, so I talked Moosepants into going at the butt crack of dawn... oops.)  I bought a tray and a half of annuals, and a weeping potted tomato plant, hoping that I'll end up with oodles of grape tomatoes.  Then I forgot my half tray in Moosepants' truck... oops again.

That actually worked out because when I got home, I realized that I'd bought all relatively tall plants, and didn't have anything shorter for the borders.    After I put my tray of tall plants in, I had a good idea of what short plants to get and how many, so I went back and got them.

The back garden is now done for the year.  It's not how I envision it in the long term, but since I can't plant trees, I think I need a while to mull over and rework my plans.  In the meantime, I planted corn along the back to give me some height.  That area is fairly shady, so I don't expect them to produce; but if the corn plants grow as tall as I hope they will, I might have found a reasonable workaround.

  • In other news, I got two pretty great compliments in the last couple of days.  One came from the family down the road, who was having a BBQ at their place.  They wandered down to my yard with about 6 of their guests. Through the open window, I heard them saying "this" was the yard they'd been talking about and wasn't it pretty - then they debated about whether or not some of my plants are real

  • The other compliment that I got is something that you'd have to have known me for a while to understand.    Although I'm quite healthy now, I had some issues a while back that resulted in grossly swollen feet and ankles.   The lady that waxes my legs the other day commented "Jeez - your feet are boney".  She may have been referring to my recent weight loss but either way,  it great was to hear.

  • Finally, on the weight-loss tangent, I calculated my BMI the other day.   I'm happy to report that I am no longer obese!  I'm "just" fat - and on track towards a healthy (yet to be determined exactly) goal weight.

  • I've got the next week off as vacation from work.   My plans are to do more yardwork, hopefully go visit a friend in Calgary, and then come back and hang out with the nephews who will be in town at the end of the week.

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  1. I wish a lovely vacation to you and your boney feet.