Thursday, July 26, 2012


That's "welcome" in Japanese.  It isn't the word I thought it was going to be, but I've got a lot to learn over the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow, a young girl from Japan will arrive to stay with me for two weeks.   I don't know much about her - she's 16, and is here to learn about Canada.  She'll be going to school down the road from me, says she's shy, and that her English is "not good".

My friend Jen, who lives across the road from me, is also taking in a Japanese student.  She talked me into it but it didn't take much convincing; we both agree that it'll be easier for us and the girls if we both have support groups near by (across the road).

I was matched with my girl (Mayu) because I have previous ESL experience, she wants to learn about nature in Canada and because she doesn't like seafood (of which I'm allergic).  She also likes Japanese Pop music, which I've never heard and likes to dance.  She says she can't dance well, so hopefully she won't judge my lack of dance moves.

For the next two weeks, my job will be to show her around Central Alberta, have fun and teach her all things good about Canadians.  I can hardly wait.

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  1. it is fantastic that you are being a host for this student. Having a 16 year old myself - they have plenty of energy - uh, when they are not sleeping until noon. I bet she will treasure her time with you.