Thursday, July 12, 2012

Honest Opinions, Please

I picked up this necklace the last time I visited Whyte Ave in Edmonton.  I liked it because of all the colour, but was unsure of the sequins.  It turns out that I've worn it almost non-stop since I got it (It matches everything!) but I'm still not sure about the sequins.    

I almost feel like I'm wearing a child's dress-up jewelry from the dollar store, but at the same time I think I like it.  So, please tell me either way.  Is it OK, or should I send it into retirement?

And, a closeup, so that you can see the sequins that I'm talking about:

Just for the record, it's no easy feat to take a close up of a necklace while you're wearing it, and not end up with a photograph that showcases your boobs.   


  1. Like it! In fact, if you get tired of it you can send it to me. :)

  2. Notice that I just took the same shot of the new necklace I bought last weekend and DID NOT HAVE THAT PROBLEM! That's what having small B cups do for ya!
    If you are wearing it all the time, you like it! So keep it!

  3. I love the necklace!


  4. I think it's funky-artsy - as long as you aren't wearing it with formal wear

    I tend to latch on to things and they quickly become my faves too....

  5. I love it. I picture it against a white t-shirt.

  6. You're asking if you should stop wearing something that you like to wear?
    Come over here and let me feel your forehead.