Thursday, July 5, 2012


I don't have much to blog about lately - mostly, I've been poking around in the yard, so all I've got to report on is the plants.

I could tell you that I've eaten strawberries from the garden, and now have enough lettuce to make my own home-grown salads.  Onions too.  Hopefully, tomatoes won't be too far behind.

Right now, it's the mockorange bush's turn to shine.  It'll be a solid white by the weekend, but I couldn't wait.  I went out last night and took some shots of it.

Inside, I repotted the newly acquired (with strings!) Christmas cactus.  It needed a bigger pot, but I didn't want to go taller with it.  I was happy to find this shallow but wide pot at Ikea on Tuesday.

I think it kind of makes it look like a bonsai.

Finally, we've been having a lot of brief but intense rain storms interrupting our otherwise sunny days.  We've had our fair share of rainbows as a result.  I tried to get a shot of this one, since I could see both ends.  Unfortunately, my lens isn't wide enough and the ends were cut out off.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start work on some new shelves in the spare room/office.  If I finish that without too much stress, I might start work on a new daybed for that room.  I've got the wood for the project; I just don't know if I have the energy.



  2. Italy isn't until October. It seems like it'll be forever before I get there.

  3. ooh the blooms are the dbl rainbow!