Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 3 - Leaving Venice for Bologna

As planned, we got up before the sun today, so we could head out to the San Marco Square to take pictures before the crowds arrived.  We maybe got there a little early - it was too dark to take some of the shots I wanted - but it gave me the change to catch some sunrise pictures.

There's one alley on the far end of the square that I really wanted a picture of.  I loved how it curved (as so many Italian roads do) but I probably spent 20 minutes and a tonne of throwaway shots of it before I figured out how to do it without the alley looking like a black hole... still not sure that I did it justice.

We noticed right away after heading out of the B&B that there were what appeared to be tables that had been set up along the alleys, the Grande Canal and the square overnight.  At first we were befuddled, and thought they were somewhat of an inconvenience, because everybody had to climb over them to get anywhere.  Eventually,though, I remembered that the B&B owner said that today was the "high tide", that the square would flood and that if we were going to leave, we should leave by 11:00.  That's when I realized those weren't tables, they were raised walkways for people to get around without getting wet when the tide came in.  That's when we decided to skedaddle.

Some shots of the Grande Canal on our way out...

Our next stop was Bologna.  So far, my impression of Bologna is that it's a big city.  Nothing really spectacular stands out, especially after we walked around for 2 hour to find dinner without luck.  Apparently,  everything is closed on Monday nights here... so we ended up eating at McDonald's, which seems like a whole bowl of wrong.

Tomorrow is the day that (I hope) my faith it Italian food is restored.  Our ride will pick us up at 6:45 for the Italian Food Experience tour.

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  1. Love your pictures! Love the water and boats!! You are going to find your way around soon and know all the good spots for FOOD!