Friday, October 26, 2012

Day...I'm not sure

Trip continues to be great.  Internet access hasn't.  We went to Capri, and then Positano/Amalfi from Sorrento.  Loved it.  Took loads of photos, but it was so bright and the movement of the boat while touring around Capri made it hard to take pictures.  At first look, it seems as though I have 300 crap shots, but hopefully I can fiddle with them when I get home.

We left Italy yesterday, and are now in Istanbul.  It's like a completely different world.  It's the second biggest city in the world, and as busy as you'd expect.  We spent the day on both the Asian and European sides, wandering amongst the crowds and hearing the calls to prayers at the various mosques,  It almost felt like we went from restaurant to restaurant, tasting various dishes as we went.  The food here is amazing - all local and super fresh, and mostly fruit/veggie based. I didn't take many pictures, though...  I felt so stunned that I could only take it all in or take pictures, not both.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get the camera out and take some shots.


  1. The trip of a lifetime Janice!

  2. Positano is beautiful! I went running on that road when I was there - crazy American.