Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 9 - Florence Gardens

We slept in today, and then headed off to see the Gardens.  As usual, we wandered around until we found a shop with breakfast that called our names.  Usually, we get a couple of pastries to go, which generally cost about 1,20 Euros.  Today, after walking through a few pastry shops and not seeing anything that made us want to stop, we made the mistake of going to a pastry shop right on the (naked man) piazza.  We ordered our pastries, and sat down instead of getting them to go.  Then, instead of our usual bottled water that we've been picking up at grocery stores as we reach each city, Ginny ordered cappuccino, and I got hot chocolate.

The first surprise was the hot chocolate, which came in a cappuccino sized cup and was as thick and black as tar.  It tasted like drinking a cup of hot Nestles Quick.   The next surprise was the bill - 30 Euros for breakfast!!  Whoops.

After that shock, we decided to keep on a reasonable budget for the rest of the day, and walked over to the gardens.  They were nothing like we expected (very few flowers) but the greenery was pretty and the view was amazing (again).

I decided to use the opportunity to play with my camera, and tried to get some shots that said "Italy" to me.  I took over 300 shots - some of which are unquestionably junk - but got a few good ones.  I haven't had a chance to go through them all, and these are SOOC, but here are a few.

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  1. They say Italy to me. Love the windows with the open shutters. I always think of Under the Tuscan SUN!