Monday, October 1, 2012

Random Stuff to know

  • I have four work day left before I am on vacation.  It can't come soon enough.
  • Tomorrow, a friend and I are trying out a new kind of dance classes.  A few years ago, we took chair tease dance classes, and although we never developed any real skills, we had all sorts of laughs.  We liked the teacher, so when we heard she's running dance classes for fitness, we thought we'd give it a chance.  I think it'll be a cross between zumba, burlesque and chair dancing but am not absolutely sure.
  • I haven't been in the mood to cook for a couple of weeks.  I've been eating sandwiches and omelettes almost non-stop, so I really need some vegetables.  I've got cauliflower and beets roasting in the oven beside a ham right now, but all I really want is a pb&j.
  • I've been jogging now for about 6 weeks.  I try (and usually succeed) to go 5km three times a week.  After six weeks of steadily gaining weight, the scale finally turned around and went in the right direction on Saturday.  
  • Before you tell me that I was gaining weight because muscle weighs more than fat, I know.  I'm currently wearing shorts that sat in my closet with their tags on for five years because I couldn't get them over my hips.  They're baggy now.  Even so, that dang number on the scale is too high.
  • Those shorts I'm wearing?  I've been wearing them for three days straight.  It's cold outside, and I've been running around the house in a tshirt and tap shorts (emphasis on the and bare legs)... because I can.  I've had to dig out the fuzzy blankets a little early this year, but I'm just not ready to put on the fleece.

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