Monday, October 8, 2012


Things have been getting a little run down Where the Fur Flies.  I haven't been able to use the sink or tub in my master bath for over a month because of clogs.  I'd cleaned out as much as I could, but no go...  Those drains were blocked.

I wasn't going to use Draino, so I've been using the main bathroom while I mulled over the more eco-friendly solutions.  Then, the exhaust fan in the main bathroom bit the dust and suddenly, I didn't have anywhere to have a shower.

So, today I hit the Mecca (aka Home Depot).  I invested in a $9 plumber's snake and a $33 exhaust fan replacement motor.    The exhaust fan was dead easy...  all it took was un/screwing a screw and un/plugging a plug.  The hardest part was climbing the ladder.    The drains were a little less pleasant. You shove the snake in, twist it around and pull it back out.   It seems easy enough, but the challenge in this project was in not ejecting the contents of my stomach while pulling the clog out of the drain.  Hair is gross, folks!

Anywho... it's done now.  Exhaust fan has been repaired, drains are unclogged.  I'm out $42, but I suspect it could have been 10 times that if I'd called in the professionals.  So, as far as I'm concerned, I just earned myself a $360 treat from Italy.

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