Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Questions - the books edition

Have you read Divergent, by Veronica Roth?   It blew me away.  I loved it.  But, now I have myself a conundrum.  When books are as good as this one was, I tend to read and reread them.  No doubt this one will be on the bookshelf for a long time.  Except, I'm not sure about what format I should go for when I  buy the next book in the series.

My OCD wants me to either get all hardcover or all paperback when I collect a series, so that I can store them together without messing up the piles. I saw the first two books (hardcover) at Costco last week.  Although the one I have now is paperback, I'm prepared to give my copy to a friend and buythe hardcovers, in the spirit of keeping things the same.

Except, I need 5 or 6 books to read while I'm on my trip.  HELLO - two days of 20+ hours of flights coming up!  I still (strongly) prefer paperback over e-readers, but packing light will limit my options.  So, on one hand, I only want to buy ebooks that I'm not likely to reread.  On the other, I need good books for the trip.

I hear the second book (Insurgent) in the series is even better than Divergent, so I'm chomping at the bit to read it.  If you were me, would you buy it in ereader format, knowing that you'll end up buying the hardcopy and paying for it twice, or would you wait until you got home and just get the hardcopy?

Also, anybody got any book recommendations?  I need something that'll hold my attention, but isn't so deep that I can't be interrupted 100 times at the airport.  My tastes are fairly eclectic, so anything goes except horror or science fiction.

Books I'm planning to load up on the ereader include:

  • The Black Echo - Michael Connelly (it's the first in the Harry Bosch series.  I just finished and loved the Lincoln Lawyer series.)
  • A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness (not too sure about this, but a friend recommended it)
  • I Suck at Girls - Justin Halpern (he wrote Sh!t my dad says, but I haven't heard much about this book at all.  I hope he's not a one hit wonder!)
  • Going Home, by Jon Katz.  (This will undoubtedly make me bawl... maybe not such a good thing, considering where I'll be.)
Suggestions, Please!!!


  1. Freeman~Leonard Pitts Jr.
    The Photograph~Penelope Lively(Isobel suggested)
    The Dog Who Danced~Susan Wilson
    I Couldn't Love You More~Jillian Medoff
    Senator's Wife~Sue Miller
    Sweetgrass~Mary Alice Monroe
    The Light Between Oceans~M.L.Stedman
    The Unlikely Pilgimage of Harold Fry~Rachel Joyce

  2. I really enjoyed all these books. Freeman was wonderful and I loved Senator's Wife by Sue Miller. There are a bunch of books titled The Senator's Wife so look for Miller's name. I also enjoyed another Penelope Lively book, Passing On.

  3. Thanks, Pix! I'll have a look at those.

  4. Quick question, Pix - is that the same Sue Miller that wrote "While I Was Gone?" If so, I'll definitely have to grab that one.