Friday, December 11, 2009

The Christmas Tree debate

I don't have my Christmas tree up yet, and I can't decide if I should bother this year.

I've got two trees. One is 2' tall, and sits on the mantel in my living room. The other is 6' tall, and doesn't fit anywhere in the main living area of the house. I sometimes put it up in my front den, so that it lights up the front window and greets people at the front door. It does, however, require a bit of a rework of the furniture.

This year, I'll either be away for the holidays, or hiding at home and pretending that it's a day like every other. Either way, I'm not sure that I want a tree. Then again, I wonder if having the house decorated would put me in more of a holiday spirit.

(Lest you think that I'm a holiday grump, you need to know that I've got 3 big containers of Christmas cookies in my kitchen, and a $16 bar of Bernard Callebaut Chocolate, waiting to be turned into something divine. I just can't decide if I should have a tree this year.)


  1. No tree for me this year, the first time ever.

  2. Oh? Can I ask if it's a case like mine, when you're not in the festive mood?

  3. Girrlll, totally feeling your tree-pain: what with two-thirds of the downstairs a full-out construction zone, and the other third over-stuffed with furniture from the construction zone, oh, and the port-a-john in the front yard, I decided to forget the tree this year. Makes sense objectively. But I still feel a little Grinch-like and blue about it.