Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where I Rip My House Apart

It occurred to me the other day that my living room/great room is too cluttered with the new (larger) dining table.

I forgot to take a before picture. This is the best I've got.

It's been in the back of my mind that I should get rid of the love seat in my living room, so I decided to move things around. The love seat moved to the front foyer while I figured things out.

I moved the favorite chair to the other side of the room, where the loveseat used to be; and thought that was a pretty good layout.

This layout made me realize how very, very loud I had the TV when sat with it on my deaf side.
(Also: The next project will be to paint the banister)

This worked better for me. I could move around without feeling crowded.

But then I realized that nobody could watch TV, except the person sitting in the chair.

So, I moved everything around again:
With the couch here, two or three people can watch TV.
And The Dude can catch a sunbeam.

Contrary to popular belief, the chair isn't in the same place it started. I shifted it over a few feet, and turned it on an angle.

No, I didn't consider doing that before I started this whole mess.
...That mighta been a bit easier, eh?

I think this will probably be the layout for a while. The only problem with that is that it doesn't leave any room for side tables or some of my globes.

They all moved to the front foyer with the love seat, until I can con some sucker into coming over to help me schlep them down to the basement.

In the meantime, I decided to swap some of the side tables with the bedside tables in my spare room... and while I'm at it, I think my den is looking too cluttered lately. I figure I'll pare things down in there too.


  1. I am ALWAYS moving furniture around! And I love your dining room chairs!

  2. That opens the room up nicely. I can't move furniture around unless I want to sit 3 feet from the tv or have my back to the door and the hall because the stupid, STUPID, fireplace is in the wrong place.

  3. I love your globes and the round side table!

    It's interesting, I was just reading a blog post the other day about why two chairs and a sofa are more versatile than a chair, loveseat, and a sofa. I'll have to ponder that a little more I think!

  4. Thanks - the dining room chairs were a long time coming.

    Linlah - do you have one of those corner fireplaces? They were all the rage for so long; until people figured out how hard they are to arrange furniture around.

    Olga, that table you like? $30 at the Real Canadian Superstore. I think you guys call it something different out east, but it's like a grocery store on steroids.

    I vote for 2 chairs and a sofa.

  5. It is hard for me to comment on the new re-arrangement of furniture, I can't get past Winter Man in that dang crinkly hole. Who da thunk it?

  6. Ahh, excellent, I'll have to check it out. I'm on the hunt for a side table or two for the basement/den.

    It's still called Real Canadian Superstore here but I think on the east coast it's Atlantic Superstore or something like that? Love that place, esp. now that they have clothes too. ;)