Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Listing to the Left

I've got a few favorite clothing stores.  They generally cost more than other stores, but I justify that by buying quality, classic clothes that should last quite a while.  Lately, however, it seems like I'm spending the money and getting junk that needs to be thrown out after a season.  And so, I decided that if I'm going to get junk, I should at least shop in stores that don't claim to sell - or charge for - high quality.

Last week, I went to a store that I have avoided for years because their quality is not as high.  I found a few shirts that I really like.  Today I put together an outfit with the new tops, and left the house feeling pretty good about my rubenesque self.

The only problem was, every time I looked down, I realized that my shirt was listing to the left.  I had three layers... a sleeveless blouse that's quite sheer and has a built in camisole underneath, and a crocheted sweater over top.  I don't know why, because they seem to fit when I don't move; but for some reason, the camisole kept yanking over to one side.

I left the house looking like this:
wrinkled pants not withstanding...

I spent most of the day looking like this:

I think I'm going to have to remove the attached camisole, and wear a different one instead.

I also think that maybe it's worth the extra $10 to get a shirt that stays where it belongs.


  1. I hate it when that happens! lol
    Another reason to shop some more right? I need to go shopping for some new things but we are doing the "Dave Ramsey" financial plan. Good news is things are getting paid off, but we may look like the dump for a while. lol
    I did think your outfit was cute though!!!!!

  2. I have two cardigans that start straight but I'm constantly pulling them to the left to keep the buttons in a vertical line down the front.

  3. How about a stitch or two to keep things in place?
    I've even used a stapler but I wouldn't recommend it.

  4. It might be worth sewing them in place along the side seams. Good idea, Susan!

  5. um yeah, that would drive me nuts too. I used to be real fussy about quality fabrics that would last and then I discovered that just about every shop has scaled back on quality fabrics, so no matter what you are going to end up with something that only looks good for a season or two, which is fine with the trendy stuff.

    I love the color of the crocheted sweater. I have a sweater that color and it is very flattering.