Thursday, June 23, 2011

God Bless Glue Guns

I started to make an Ottoman, back in late February.  Then my dad worked on it some, to get it usable for me after my surgery.  Once I was more mobile, I brought it downstairs, stained and re-stained it until I found a colour I was happy with (espresso, with the right hint of brown).  Then I needed to clean up the edges and hide the screw holes, and that stumped me.  I had trim, but I waffled a lot on how to attach it.

My dad, now actively involved in the project, felt very strongly that I should use staples; but I was worried that they'd show.  After much contemplation, delay and general procrastination, I finally invested in a $3 glue gun tonight.  The clouds opened up, the sun finally started to shine and the angels did sing.

The Ottoman has trim!

That's Beatrix in the photo with Tallulah, not José.  José and Tallulah seem to have had a falling out of late (I think because he keeps trying to steal her limelight) so Beatrix has stepped in as the new BFF.

A local craft store was giving away round "table tops" (pieces of wood) that are about 3' in diameter.  I snapped up a couple of them.  As soon a I can find the right fabric, I'm going to make a matching round ottoman to go with this one and replace the old coffee table entirely.


  1. Looks fab! I've been a fan of the glue gun for awhile, until the craft store lady showed me squeeze craft clue that does the same thing without the need to heat it up!

  2. The ottoman looks great! I once had a little fight with a glue gun years ago, it won. Tah-lu-lah-lu-lah kills me with Jose and now Beatrix. It seems Winter has taken over Jose?

  3. you have done a fine job!!! I've had some glue gun successes but also many failures :D

  4. I think I said this before but I really like the fabric on the ottoman, but I'm guessing it's safe to say again.

  5. Thanks all. Although it took a long time to finish, I'm kind of surprised at how easy it was to make. Linlah - I love the material too. I've got a couple of meters left of it so that I can make... something. Probably matching cushions.

  6. You've never had a glue gun? I have, in my craft drawer right now, 3 glue guns of various sizes. Because you just never know when you need to add trim to something. Like lampshapes, ottomans, wall hangings, etc.