Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Observations and workplace confessions

  • Sandwiches that have so much sauce that things slide out of them make me cranky.  I really can't enjoy food when it's messy like that.
  • My favorite food lately?  Lemons.  Anything with lemons is good, in my book.
  • I go through 3 times as much laundry during gardening season as I do during the winter.  Apparently, I really do love to play in the mud.
  • Through a comedy of errors and a general lack of planning, I've got no less than six tomato plants growing in my back yard.  I'm going to have a lot of tomatoes.
  • I did a presentation at work today, for about 15 people.  This is the 10th time that I've done this presentation, so there's probably been an audience of about 150 people.  Today, I noticed that the last slide in the presentation that says 'questions?  contact me here - '  lists my home phone number instead of my office phone number.
  • Along the "I screwed up at work" lines, over lunch today I was reading the "Damn You Auto Correct" blog (which is hilarious!).  Instead of closing it when I went back to work, I minimized it.  I then chaired a virtual meeting, which means that  I shared my desktop with the meeting participants and we talked on a conference call.  After the meeting, I noticed the minimized window button in my task bar.  It said "Damn You", and was visible to everybody in the meeting.  I'm such a professional.
  • I'm hosting a BBQ for about 18-20 at my house on the weekend.  A while ago, in a series of events that I won't get into, I dropped the BBQ down the stairs and it fell apart.  I've got it looking like it's in one piece again, but I'm still not sure if it still works.


  1. You must be really good at your job if no one called you at home with a question! And will lemons be featured at your BBQ?

  2. They're finding lots of other ways to get a hold of me.

    I'll be making fresh lemonade for the BBQ. I've got 3 pounds of lemons in my fridge right now, waiting to be squished.

  3. Janice that is why back in the days when I could eat a Big Mac I would not eat a Big Mac! I hate sandwiches that don't stay all orderly. I don't know how I ever got thru my days without Damn You Auto Correct. Hope the BBQ goes great. FOOD. Wonder how long it would take me and CH to get there?

  4. That "Damn You" episode cracked me up -

    I had to re-read your last post because I thought you meant the BBQ (as in food) fell down the stairs LOL

    About the first one, I guess you may have seen the picture of my friday sub. Yeah, just about the whole thing slides off - you would not be interested!