Sunday, June 12, 2011


My new tree has baby apples!

I didn't think I'd get any this first year, so this is a great surprise.

In other gardening news, the perennials are starting to look pretty good. It's later in the season than usual but I'm happy to see them.   Except for the earliest of bloomers, it's too early for most to be showing off.  There are some stand outs in the back yard, though.

(I took these pics by holding the camera at flower level and blindly taking the shot.  Please excuse photo quality.)

The yarrow is starting to pop out.  It's not my preferred variety of yarrow, and usually this plant's flowers are bright, screaming yellow.  The fact that it looks like they flowers will be white this year may be a little unrealistic, but I'm hoping.

Blue phlox.  Can't go wrong with these flowers.  Love them.

The robins' strawberries.  I've given up getting any for myself.   At least the robins are sticking around the yard this year.  (I can hear one singing as I type this.)  In previous years, they've been all about the dine and dash - My strawberries would be gone, but I barely saw the birds at all.

The last of the tulips are still hanging on.  This is a bit of a relief, because the wild rabbits ate the tops off of all the tulips in the front yard.

The lilacs are starting to bloom.  I've got three bushes in different locations of the back yard.  They all seem to take turns blooming, which is really nice... It lets me enjoy the pretty flowers and the scent that much longer.

Is it weird that I love the chives flowers, almost as much as I like using fresh chives in my cooking?    I've got a bouquet of them sitting on my kitchen island right now.

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  1. Chive blossoms are gorgeous..I love them, too.

    Apples on the new tree! That's fantastic!