Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cast Iron is Forever

I've wanted an enamelled cast iron Le Creuset pot for ages, but can't bring myself to spend the money.  They cost over $300 each, so I suspect I'll never have one.  Luckily, I came upon a knockoff at Costco that cost ten percent that amount about a year ago.  I snapped it up, and have loved it ever since.  My only complaint has been that the large size.  More often than not, it's way more pot than I need.

Jump forward to a happy day last week, when I made a rare appearance at Costco again and found a skillet version of the not-a-real Le Crueset.  I was there to replace an electric fry pan that was at the end of its lifespan, and decided that this would do just the the trick.  It's better actually because, unlike electric fry pans, it doesn't have any teflon.  I've looked high and low, and I'll be darned if I can find an electric fry pan that isn't coated in the stuff.  (Teflon off-gases, scratches and eventually peels off.  It doesn't last.  Enamelled or well seasoned cast iron will last forever and is so much better for the environment.)

I've been cooking with my new skillet regularly since it came home, and all I can say is that you need one.   Everybody needs one.   Every kitchen should have these things.  Food is better (crispier) coming out of it, with less oil... although, that might be the cooking with gas vs electric.   It can take high temperatures without smoking.  It's super easy to clean.  And, as a bonus, it weighs a tonne and will double as a weapon, in case of intruders.

Get thee to Costco.  You need a Not-a-real Le Crueset skillet.  And a not-a-real Le Crueset pot wouldn't hurt you either.

PS - Don't judge my splatters.  This is a working kitchen.


  1. Right now, I'm making grabby-hands. Just so you know.
    I've got a couple Lodge pieces (in red, too!)..enameled cast iron is the best stuff ever.

  2. My dad gave me a Le Crueset pot. I love it for pot roast in the oven.