Sunday, August 21, 2011

I can't decide

Due to the recent house flood, I am shopping for a new chair or love seat.  Insurance will pay for whatever I buy (within reason).  I've narrowed my choices down to two chairs:

A Nest Chair, which is a huge circle (4' diameter).  When you climb in, you have to push yourself to the back, as though you'd just climbed into a bed from the end.  Ie - it's too deep sit on it with your feet on the floor and your back against the pillows.

Or a tufted chair (I can't find the exact model, but it's something like this one.)
Whatever I get, I want to use now.  I don't want to buy something, only to store it in the basement.

The Nest chair is the perfect chair for what I have planned when I finish the basement, but I don't expect to finish the basement any time soon.  It's sink in, curl up and read a whole book comfy.  It does not go with my current decor.  Until I finish the basement, I could leave it in the living room (where it would clash in style) or I could rearrange the furniture in my office to make room in there (putting my desk back to the "neighbourhood watch" position at the window).   This is not a Classic.  Chances are, it'll be an unwanted piece of furniture at some point.

The tufted chair is a style that I've always loved.  It's a classic style that I doubt I'd ever regret buying.  It would fit in with my current decor as well as just about anything in the future.   There's a space in the living room, calling its name.

Whichever chair I got, it would be in a neutral solid-coloured fabric.  If I got the Nest chair, I would have the option of of ordering the pillows in various coordinated colours and patterns.

I want the Nest chair.  
I think the tufted chair is the more responsible choice.  
Please tell me what to do.


  1. Oh my god, not even close. NEST. NEST. NEST. Tufted chair screams British itchy white wig on a Whig.

  2. I'm SO with Zadge on this.
    Nest chair will actually get used.
    Tufted chair, while attractive, is one of those chairs people sit in when the comfy seats are gone.

  3. Life is short. Crawl into the Nest chair with a good book, a white cat and enjoy the day.

  4. The animals and I vote with Dawn. Life is short, eat dessert first! Besides you and the cat (and cat hair, it is "fur"niture, after all) will be much cozier curled up in the nest.