Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Want to See My Drawers?

When I'm stressed, I organize... everything but what I should be organizing.  Technical difficulties continue at work.  The basement is still a gong show.  So, I attacked the kitchen drawers.    Believe me, if I'd have thought to take before pictures, you'd have been impressed with these after shots.

 This next one's a work in progress, but I ran out of steam.

My question to you is, why are all drawer organizers exactly a half inch too big, or two inches too small for every one of my drawers?  Does everybody have this problem, or is this yet another way that my builder screwed up?


  1. UGH I hate that!!
    My drawer trays are just short enough to slide back every time I open the drawer..
    I love the random things that get lost behind the trays, too.
    Your drawers are terribly organized compared to mine, even after I've organized them!

  2. My organizers never fit the drawers! And I do have organized kitchen drawers except for one which is CH's and it is a mess. But it is his mess. Your drawers looks very fine! I tend to sit and stew when I am stressed.

  3. In a pinch I used modified shoe box tops as my drawer organizers, haven't changed them yet.