Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Odds and Sods - working from home

  • I need a bigger desk.  3 monitors (one Apple for personal use, and 2 Dels for work) and a laptop don't fit on my tiny 2' by 4' desk.
  • I have pushed or lifted a certain white cat off my lap 13864 13865 times today.
  • It's surprising how many people really don't get the concept of my 'working' from home.  Yes, I'm home.  No, I'm not available to socialize.
  • At first, I had one simple rule that I gave myself for working from home - work during business hours.  I've added a few that I've decided are non-negotiable: wear a bra, brush your teeth before signing in for the day.  I discovered that if I didn't do that, I ended up spending most of my days in PJs with fuzzy teeth and foul breath.  Now, I get up, get dressed (usually in normal business attire) and sign in as though I'd driven into the office.  I'm surprised at how much the clothes I'm wearing impact my productivity.
  • I need to block my view from the front window.  It really is better for my blood pressure to not know how many children swipe rocks from my rock gardens every day. 


  1. Okay, the rock garden thing made me laugh.

    My husband should adopt your work at home philosophy. He stays in his pjs with fuzzy teeth and foul breath. UGH!!

  2. Oh God..I would be out there all crazy with a big stick, chasing the neighborhood kids.
    This is why I can't live in town...I'd be even crazier.

    Granted, I work from home dressed like a homeless person (!?), but I Have To shower/brush teeth/etc or I get nothing accomplished.