Friday, August 12, 2011

Day off today

I haven't been able to get much done at work lately because of technical difficulties, so I decided to take the day off.  I actually get a stupid amount of vacation days now.   I carried forward quite a few that I didn't use last year, and when I went back to work after the surgery, my boss reminded me that I should aim to take 7 weeks of vacation.   Between May - Dec.  Now, I suspect you're all thinking that I'd be crazy not to take that time off, but we have a pretty big project going on at the office.  If I'm away, my backup has to do my job as well as her own, and the project gets behind.  So, I've been trying to fit them in here and there when things slow down.

Like now.

Also, I wanted a do-over on my sucky long weekend.

Why did my long weekend suck, you ask?  Because the saga of the house flood continues.  The restoration company that the insurance company sent out struggled to get the job done.  Each time that they came, they had a list of tasks to complete and every single time that they left, they failed to complete some of the tasks.  Primarily, I want the dang list of my items that were damaged.

The first day that the crew was here, the lady leading the crew took my list to make photo copy for herself - I don't know why - and left my copy in the truck when she came back.  I asked her to bring it in for me, but she got distracted and forgot.  The next day, something happened and she was fired.

I called the owner of the company, asking him for my list.  He said he'd have the next crew to come out bring it to me.  They forgot.  They had to go back to the office part way through the day.  I asked for the list, but they forgot.  I called the owner, asking him for my list.  He said he'd have the next crew to come out bring it to me.  They forgot.   Repeat the cycle another 5 times over a three week period, except make the owner of the company more belligerent with each call.

I really think that they lost my list.  Or, they lost some of my stuff and they're hoping that if I don't have my list I won't notice.  (They bring everything to the warehouse so that the insurance adjuster can double check my list to make sure I'm not claiming things I didn't have).  For one thing, the guy who replaced the lady who was fired "accidentally" informed me that they had lost my couch.    Seriously, they lost my couch.  Maybe the lady that got fired is sleeping on it???  Luckily, I have pictures of it floating in the water, in case the insurance company needs proof that it was destroyed.  Which is good, because without pictures or a list, I can claim for bupkis.

I called my insurance adjuster yesterday, and she said she'd follow up with the restoration company. So far, I haven't heard any more, but I'm sure you can understand why I'd be a little worried.

Today my plan was to sort out the gigantic pile of stuff that had been salvaged and try to put it away.  (If more than half of the basement contents were thrown away, where did all that crap come from??? )  It's a daunting task, though, and I can't go downstairs without thinking about the gong show that is going on with the list.

So, instead, I'm making jam.  There's nothing complicated about jam.


  1. I have 70 hours of vacation and I wish it were 7 weeks, wanna trade.

    Also, love the Gong show reference

  2. I am hoping you get a freakin' break on this whole mess.

    My future ex-husband brought home eight pounds of strawberries "so you can make more jam!". Want a roommate??

  3. Jam is an excellent coping strategy.

  4. Freezer jam, Katie's mom. Strawberry, blueberry and some mixed berry jam too.