Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do you...


I call this picture "The Tallulah Hula".

I've been looking for new, interesting ways to get exercise lately; and being a cheapskate of a homebody, I give extra credits to things that I can do without leaving the house.

I decided to give the old Hula Hoop a try.  Not having done this for the last 30 years, I'm a wee bit out of practice.  For the first twenty minutes or so, I couldn't do better than spinning the hoop around myself 3 times before it dropped.  But, I'm figuring it out.  I have to lose the hip swivel that I learned in dance class, and go for the full body fluctuation.  I worked on it for about an hour on and off, and I'm up to 28 rotations without dropping the hoop.  And holy cow, could I feel it.  I had no idea that a childhood game took so much work.

Tallulah likes the new hoop. 
 Apparently, it reminds her of early agility and obedience days, where she was trained to go to her "place" (usually delineated with hula hoops).

For obvious reasons, the dogs are not allowed in the room while I'm doing this.  I don't want anybody to get knocked in the noggin by a flying hula hoop, so I make them leave the room and close the door.

I also close the curtains, because I wouldn't want anybody to see my wild, gyrating attempts to overcome gravity.  But, after I had been at it for about 10 minutes, I happened to notice something.

I had an audience.

It was the snickering that gave him away.


  1. I used to Hula. Those little white feeties are cracking me up this morning!

  2. Um, I thought you were talking about Mickey Mouse, too funny, the cat not me.

  3. I am too scared to hula. Things don't move the way they used to, and I might hurt something. Love Winters little footies!

  4. Hee hee hee. I love this. I can imagine the joy your new exercise mode brings you. Keep it up!

  5. I was never able to hula hoop well then I picked up a hula hoop at a juggling festival a year ago; it is slightly weighted with beads and I can actually do it!! Be careful not to let friends borrow your hoop outside though; I did and the tape got all messed up :-( and I'm anal and it bothers me. You have inspired me to pick it up and use it for the first time in months....