Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Round Up

  • In January, I officially transitioned to my new job.  I've now got the best boss ever.
  • In February, I paid to finish off a $3000 project that revolved around having the basement waterproofed.
  • In March, I had surgery.  Just like that, I was healthy again.  Before, I thought that I hadn't felt well for a couple of years.  Now that I remember what healthy feels like, I realize that I'd been sick for much longer than that.  
  • In May, I started keeping track of what I eat.  I'm not dieting, really, just aiming to eat healthier and limit the treats.  So far, I've lost 23 pounds.
  • In July, the house flooded.  (See February)
  • In August, the nephews and their parents moved to BC.  I miss them like crazy.
  • In September, my dad and I replaced the stairs on the back deck, making them easier for old dogs.   After two years of being carried up and down the stairs, Cotton can get on and off the deck on his own again.
  • In October, I bought a piece of original art.  My girl's a star.
  • In November, the insurance claim from the flood was finally processed.   I could start replacing things that were lost.
  • In December, I could look back and say that I'd had a pretty good year.  I hope you could too.  May 2012 be prosperous and happy for you, and may your blogging be abundant.