Friday, December 9, 2011

Fitting In

My 9 y/o niece is the victim of bullying.  She's a sweet, funny little girl who simply dances to a slightly different tune that the popular girls in her class couldn't hear.  Because of that, they teased and taunted her so much that her parents have made the decision to home school her.

I thought of her when I saw these guys, so I bought them for her.

The card they come with says:
Who wants to be just another one of the herd?  
Look at Bartley the Black Sheep.  He's not baaaaashful at all.  
Aiden, Liam and Finn prefer to flock together, but Barley's proud to stand out.  
What about ewe?
I figure we're all black sheep, in our own way.  Some of us just manage to hide it a little better than others.


  1. Janice what a perfecty wonderful gift for your niece!

  2. perfectLy. I can not type this morning.

  3. What a sweet present. Sorry to hear about the bullying. Such a shame that some kids are raised to believe that behavior is acceptable.

  4. breaks my heart to hear that about your niece. I was just reading about bullying forcing kids to conform on another blog today. Sad it is no longer safe to stand out in any way :-(