Monday, December 5, 2011


In my excitement, I may have let a detail or two slide.  I realized this a few weeks ago, but it took me a while to decide that the humour in this situation outweighs my embarrassment.

Ever since my house flooded last summer, I've been scheming to make a library.  You know that.  You have all had to read many posts about the various stages of my plans.   Really, though, those barely touch on my obsession.  You have no idea how many hours I've spent combing through stores and the web, planning which pieces I'd use where.

The chaise lounge is the star of the room.  I love it, and the granite table that's almost ready for its grande entrance.  I'm still looking for the perfect side table and floor lamp.  The bookshelves, even though they took 4 hours each to put together, are really quite great.  The little detail that's preventing the new library room from coming together?

I forgot that almost all of my books floated away in the flood.

That's right.  My library has almost no books.    I've got a few of the goodies that I kept upstairs, but they fill maybe three of the cubbies in the new bookshelves.  Until then, the shelves are bare.    I am an idiot.


  1. A great opportunity to give some new and old books a good home!

  2. I have books that need a home, I'd be happy to send them. Libraries need books.

  3. Oooh! That means trips to old bookstores! I'm in!

  4. Thanks, ladies. I appreciate it very much, but that's far too generous of an offer. I mailed my bestie a book last year. She lives 90 minutes away, and it cost me $9 to send her one paperback. I imagine that mailing books across the border would be even more expensive, and I can't ask you to do that.

    I'll fill up the shelves slowly but surely. I generally read a book a week, with shipments from Amazon most months, and trips to the used bookstore whenever I get to Edmonton. It might take a few years, but I'll get the shelves stocked.

  5. Goodwill, Salvation Army, estate sales, yard sales, flea markets are all good place to get books to fill up your library for cheap.