Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Himself at Home

Cotton Dog went to the groomer's house today to be groomed.  This groomer and I met 12 years ago in Edmonton when she started grooming Cotton and have since become friends... especially since we both moved here at about the same time.  I took advantage of our friendship today when I dropped Cotton off at 7am so that I could get back to what I knew would be a busy day at work.

The groomer's got three dogs of her own.  She's got a home business set up so that you enter by the side door and go downstairs to the basement where she works on dogs.  As she moved around the house today or worked downstairs on her client dogs (who aren't normally allowed in the main part of her house), her dogs followed her around and kept her company.

Not Cotton.  He weaselled his way up to the main part of the house, and then jumped up on her bed.  Once he claimed her warm, fuzzy blanket as his own, he didn't budge until I arrived to pick him up.   Methinks that maybe it's not just me who is taking advantage of the privileges that come with having been a long-time client. 

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