Saturday, May 12, 2012

Delayed Gratification

I've been trying really hard to lose weight.  The week before last, I was close to reaching the 25 pounds down mark, so I went out and bought myself a reward.  I knew it was premature, but having given up chocolate a few weeks before that, I was pretty sure it would happen.  Then I got on the scale last Saturday and was shocked to see I'd gained 2.5 pounds.  No reward for me.

After that, I rejigged the diet plan.  Chocolate is still out.  I also committed to drinking a lot more water everyday and cut out an additional 400 calories.  I am working to keep my calorie sources to a ratio of 50% carbs, 30% fats and 20% protein. Happily, it has paid off.  When I weighed myself today, I was down 5 pounds... with a total loss of 26 pounds.

These are my reward:

Next time, my reward will likely be new pants.  The ones I've got are getting kind of baggy.


  1. Way to go! 26 pounds lost is fantastic!!! For what it's worth, I'd up the protein amount a bit - it'll keep you feeling full longer.

  2. Congratulations Janice! The sandals are a nice reward!

  3. baggy pants are a great sign. Stick with the plan - it is working!