Tuesday, May 8, 2012


  • I can't find a pet sitter for while I'm in Italy.  I've had two colossal failures in the past... can't hire them again.  This year, because I'll be gone for quite  a long time, I want to hire somebody to move into my house.  I found one lady on Kajiji, then had her recommended to me by a friend who had used her services and was happy.  I called twice.  She didn't call back.     Found another through a sister of a friend.  I called him on Saturday but no return calls yet.  This is  a problem, because if I don't have a pet sitter, I can't go.

  • I *hate* professional buzz words that are intended to make the speaker sound smart.  Curate.  Dynamic. Synergy.                                  Get a thesaurus, people. 

  • I discovered that there is a massive ants' nest at the base of my hawthorn tree.  There's a rubber tree mat around the base of the tree, which has done a bang up job at hiding the ants until now.  I don't know how long they've been there, but the tree has never bloomed in five years.   I don't know how to kill the ants without killing the tree.  Or, does the existence of the ants mean that the tree is unhealthy?  I love hawthorns when they bloom, but maybe this is a sign that this hawthorn isn't for me.

  • I recently cut my calorie count by 400 calories a day.  I'm hungry.  And according to the meal plan that I'm following (which otherwise seems very reasonable), I need to find a way to eat more fat.  Avocados, here I come.

  • A lack of calories may be making me cranky.


  1. If you can't find a pet sitter I would volunteer to go to Italy in your place! :). And diets make me seriously cranky too.

    1. How about a free trip to Central Alberta instead?

  2. Call the vet offices in your area - the vet techs frequently are available as petsitters. I tried that when I first moved to Denver and didn't know anyone and each vet had numerous techs willing to house sit.

    And avocados are THE BEST. I eat them every morning and at lunch!

  3. Janice if I were closer I would do it! I don't think the ants are a good thing. I always have a cranky going on if I can't have the FOOD I want and my afternoon glass of wine.

  4. You're in Alberta, right? Calgary? There is a service called Daughters On Demand. The owner, Terry, might know of somebody. I know her daughter is an animal lover and has worked many years at the pet store place. Anyway, Terry has traveled and might know of someone to come stay with your babies.

  5. That'd be great, Dawn. I'm actually a few hours north of Calgary, though.