Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Himself has been cranky again lately.  Today, he was particularly vocal about his displeasure over the existence of the resident canines.  Everywhere he went, he growled and screeched at the dogs to warn them to stay away.  Except, he wanted to be where the dogs wanted to be, which was in the room with me.  He just didn't want to be anywhere near them.

So I made him a bed on top of the armoire.

And as much as I'd have liked to, no, it wasn't me that told him to keep his nose in the corner.


  1. Winter is too funny! I can't help but go Awwww but I know he shouldn't be all cranky with the dogs cause they live there too. I guess sometimes we all have someTHING or someBODY that gets on our last nerve.

  2. This just makes me laugh. Winter cracks me up, with his not wanting to live with, you know...dogs.

  3. I like how he's camoflauged so the dogs can't see him.