Monday, April 30, 2012

A Question of Cleanliness

I've been working insane hours lately.  For the last couple of weeks, 10-12 hour days have been the easy ones.    So, when a plumber came after two 16 hour days in a row a while back, I just let him in, pointed the way and made no effort to clean up my mess.  I did explain to him that the exceptionally large of dirty pile of dishes was unusual, but that's it.

Today, I called over the lunch hour to report that my hot water tank is still leaking.  I asked that a plumber call me back after 4, because I'd be in meetings all afternoon.  I then promptly forgot all about the plumbing issues and went back to work.  At 4:45pm, the doorbell rang.  I was on the phone with my boss, so I ignored it.  Then it rang again.  And then it rang again.  I put the boss on hold and went to chew out the kid who was trying to sell chocolate bars, ask for bottles or otherwise interrupt and bother me.  It was a plumber.

It took me a few minutes to realize who he was, and during that time I *may* have scared him with my best death stare.  He asked if he could please come in and go down to look at my hot water tank.  I explained that I was on the phone and he'd be on his own.  He tiptoed past me and went to investigate the problem.  I finished my phone call, and started downstairs to apologize for the greeting he'd received at the door, only to pass the kitchen and realize that the pile of dishes - although a different pile of dishes from the ones he'd seen earlier - was as big as or probably larger than the one I'd declared to be unusual earlier.

So after all that, my question to you is: would it be wrong for me manufacture future problems and call him back at least once... maybe twice... in the near future, at a time when I can make sure that the house is clean, the  dishes are done, and I don't look like a complete and total slob?


  1. He's a PLUMBER!!! He deals with CLOGGED POOP all day. I don't think he even noticed a dirty sink!

  2. Doesn't he charge you everytime he rings the doorbell? We need a new hot water tank as I have mentioned before. I can't bring myself to call the plumber because they always make a mess and CH doesn't mess with hot water tanks and neither do I.

  3. I wondered about that, Pix, and worried a little too. However, I need the hot water tank fixed - my water bill was getting high from all the leaks. Luckily, he didn't charge me this time.