Tuesday, April 10, 2012


  • Why are cats (why is my cat) attracted to anything in a contrasting colour?  I should show you the new red chair.  It's turning white.

  • Is it crazy to spend $240 for a 12 hour market/food tour and cooking class in Italy?  That seems like so much money, but it's a cooking class in Italy

  • I need to add more bookshelves in the "library" to hold paperbacks.  I'm going to buy/stain boards to match and hang them on the wall.  Should I start above my computer desk and work my way up to the ceiling, or below the portraits, to the side of the door and work my way down to the floor?  (If I did it at the desk, I'd either prop the kitty portrait on a shelf, or hang it on the front of one.)

  • How much longer until spring stops teasing, and actually arrives?


  1. Uh, I don't know on the questions but the granite table looks perfectly perfect in that location! I hope Spring hurries its Springie self to you soon. And, on second thought, YES to the cooking class/tour in ITALY!!!!!!!!

  2. I have always believed cats can see color.

    Spend the money! How many times are you going to be in Italy? It sounds divine!

    I can't answer the question of bookshelves for paperbacks, as I am not a keeper of them. before I had a Kindle, I would read and then pass them along. I'm not one for walls of books, except in a library. Or my mansion in Downton Abbey.

    I thought spring was here, too, only to have to pull out a heavier sweater yesterday.