Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random stuff

  • I got my hair cut today.  They took off about 8", so it's just skimming my shoulders now.  Without the extra weight, I suddenly have curly hair.

  • I recently bought some "Packing cubes" to help organize and contain my stuff inside of my suitcase for the Italy trip.  It kind of seems illogical to add to what you're packing in order to fit more, but they seem to work.  Testing them out, I fit 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts and cardigan in the largest one with ample room to spare.  I then pulled out my carry on bag, and estimated that I could fit three of the large packing cubes inside of it.  I think I'm set for my trip.

  • Yesterday, I looked outside and there must have been 30 robins in my back yard.  I've never seen so many in one place, but they were gone fairly quickly.  I guess they must have been migrating home.

  • I've decided to dig up about half of the lawn on the side yard, and turn it into a vegetable and strawberry garden.  That part of the yard has south exposure, and the lawn is starting to burn from all the sun.  I was going to start digging today, but my plans changed.  It's snowing outside, and while I don't expect this to last for long, this weather doesn't seem very cohesive to gardening.


  1. All that ding dang snow is going to definitely make you appreciate ITALY!!!!

  2. Could you fit me in one of the cubes, please?

  3. Yep. Snow is a definite gardening turn off. The birds ate all my strawberries last year, so I'm not going to plant any this year. Just pickles, tomatoes and beets.