Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nobody Barked

I dropped the dogs off at the groomer's today, and had some things going on at home.  I told my boss I needed to take some personal time and would be offline for some of the afternoon.

When I got home after dropping off the dogs, the cat met me at the door, and followed me to the kitchen.  I made lunch, and didn't trip over anybody.  When I was almost finished eating lunch, the doorbell rang.   Not only was I able to get up and leave my half-eaten lunch on the table with no fear of it being stolen, nobody barked.  I could quietly and calmly walk to the door, open it without having to body block anybody and invite the serviceman in.

We went downstairs to the basement to look around.   When we came back up, nobody barked at the appearance of the strange man who they'd seen only a little while ago.  Then, the service man left with no fear on my part that a tiny white dog might squeeze through if he doesn't close the screen door really fast behind him or a big black poodle might jump all over him.

Shortly after the serviceman left, the water delivery guy arrived.  He loaded up my jugs of water on the front porch, and rang the doorbell.  Nobody Barked.  For the first time ever, I didn't have to tell him to just leave the water on the front porch - that I'd carry it in myself when I had a chance.  There was no fear of anybody squeezing out the door and the jugs were carried in, or of the delivery man being knocked over by an exuberant poodle.  For the first time, I had the water jugs delivered to closet where they are stored until used.

A little while later, somebody very quietly knocked on the front door.  It was the fed-ex guy, delivering my new e-reader.  I wasn't expecting him yet, but that's OK.  Nobody barked.  Nobody had to be locked in a room, and nobody tried to escape.  It wasn't a big deal.  I just opened the door, signed for the package and took it in.

You may have noticed a pattern here.  I'm starting to think that it's not just the dogs who benefit from their spa day.


  1. Hahaha, cute and very true. I miss Millie when she is at the groomers, but you cannot deny the sense of peace and order that hovers over the house while she is away.

  2. The quietness when Harry was in the hospital was exactly what drove me to impulsively adopt a second dog. Can't stand the quiet.

  3. I suspect it's because I knew they'd be home soon that I so enjoyed the little break. I wouldn't like it long term, though. It doesn't take long before the house starts to feel empty.

  4. I take mine to day care every now and again, just to have peace for a day. They love it and I get to relax.

  5. A little break is nice. I understand and appreciate quiet. CH went to The Mama's yesterday. It was good to see him though when he got home.

  6. We're looking for a compaion dog for Red and keeping in mind he's pretty old.