Friday, April 27, 2012

Big Responsibility

My parents, who lived in a wooded (shady) home while I was growing up, aspired to move to a sunny location.  They were not successful.  They bought a condo that has a main road to the south, so most of their windows face north.  This is disappointing, because my mom had hoped that she'd finally be able to grow houseplants.  What's worse is that what little sunlight they do get is filtered by a UV blocking film on their windows.  As a result, even the few shade-tolerant plants that they had are dying.

Specifically, a Christmas cactus that my mom has had as long as I can remember was dying.  It was given to her 30+ years ago, from a family friend who was a huge part of our lives before losing the battle with cancer 6 years ago.  My mom isn't a very sentimental person, but the plant makes her think of Patty - especially when it blooms.  

Sadly, it's only had one pathetic bloom since they moved.  It lost its deep green colour, started to turn yellow and dropped a lot of leaves. It's down to about half the size it used to be, and my mom was feeling as though she was losing a connection to Patty.

I am fortunate to live in a sunny home.  My windows face mostly south or west and don't have any UV Protection films, so I have unfiltered light all day.  So, yesterday the Christmas cactus was moved to my house.  

I sure hope it recovers, because I don't want to be the person that kills Patty's plant.