Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Seating for the Library

I spent much of Sunday trying to do  power shopping to close out my insurance claim from last summer.  After spending most of the morning doing tactical planning, I spent the afternoon hitting every single furniture or department store in town.   I wanted an ottoman, tuffet or a couple of floor cushions to replace some floor cushions that floated away.  After coming out empty handed that afternoon, I spent much of Sunday evening online, looking for something I could order.  I didn't find anything, so ended up deciding to buy a couple of really good pillows for my bed instead.

Tonight, I went out to replace a purse that was destroyed.  I ended up in a discount department store that I'd been in on Sunday, and didn't have any better luck with their purses today than I did with their ottomans.  Except, today there were new ottomans that caught my eye.  

Even better, those new ottomans reminded me of a clearance chair I'd seen at another furniture store on Sunday.    So, I bought it and crossed my fingers that the chair still hadn't sold (it hadn't).  The colours weren't quite as perfect as I remembered, but they're close enough.  So, I have a new chair and ottoman, curtesy of the insurance company.

Not only does this provide comfortable seating for the library, the style reminds me of my grandparents.  They always had Bergere Chairs in their house, so this reminds me of them.

The red is bold - I'm a little worried that it makes the room look Christmasy with the green dresser and picture mats - but I'll live with it for a while before change anything. I'm hoping that all the different colours of the books will tie things together.   Or, maybe I'll paint the dresser in a robin's egg blue.

And with the bright contrast his white hair, something tells me that Winter has found a new favourite seat.


  1. Paint the dresser blue? Oh noooooooooooooo! It looks lovely Janice. The chair and ottoman do not look red on my laptop screen so I don't know what the color looks like as you do when you are in the library. So I'm sure know red when you see it. It looks more like a rich rust on my screen.

    1. It's a little rusty, Pix, but it's definitely red. I've been toying with painting the dresser for a while. I was leaning towards a nice deep purple, and then distressing it to show some of the green through. That definitely wouldn't go with the chair though. Whatever I do, I think I need to darken the top.

  2. If you hear someone breaking into your house and taking that ottoman and chair don't bother to come out it's just me.