Sunday, April 1, 2012

Evil Kitty...

... is posing on the shelf where he's not supposed to be.

He flicks his tail to taunt the mama.

Then has a bath to act all cool.

Wait for it...

There it is!  

Lack of reaction on my part results in the baring of the "I Dare You" tummy every time.

PS - This is what he left behind.


  1. Oh Janice that is funny! I think Winter had another motive. He wanted equal time up there between those two dogs. The tummy would be hard to resist. I tried to post three times about those quinoa cakes last night and blooger hoovered my comment. Said service was unavailable. I am going to try again!

  2. BLOGGER! But I think blooger works :)

  3. there's your blue poodle painting!