Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Math Don't Add

I budget $200 spending money per week, which includes everything except mortgage, loan repayment and utilities.

Last week, I spent $30 on gas to drive up to Edmonton and buy dog food ($65) and arthritis meds for the cat ($40).   This week, I have to buy cat food, happy pills for Cotton and get the dogs groomed.  The cat food price was just raised from $45/bag to $60/bag.  Happy pills, which will last a few months, cost $30.  Grooming for the dogs costs $100.

I had $5 left over from last week, so that left me with $15 spending money for this week (today being the first day of my fiscal week).  I went to the grocery store and got milk, celery, bread and a butternut squash.  The money is now gone, and I'm going to admit to feeling a little bitter about the discrepancy.


  1. It's those costly furry friends :D I'd be totally bummed about it too - no money to splurge on tasty treats :-(

  2. Hmmmm. Celery and butternut squash sandwiches with a glass of milk....

  3. Yeah, it bites when the dogs get the lion's share of the grocery money.